Welcome to Club 21 South Bay Community Group

We are excited to announce that South Bay Down Syndrome Association (SBDSA) is now part of Club 21 Learning and Resource Center.   We will be called “Club 21 South Bay Community Group (Club21SB)”.  This will be the first Club 21 Community Group established by Club 21 to serve families with Down syndrome in outlying areas! [MORE TAG]

What is Club 21? 

Please know as a Community Group we will continue to provide THE SAME events LOCALLY that we do now, including Playdates, Youth Group and Monday Night Meetings.  We will still have an annual Fiesta celebration. We hope to also continue the Self-Advocate programs started by Eden Rapp. This will all be funded by Club 21 giving us a budget for local community events.

We will now have a bigger voice and a larger organization to support our families and children with Down syndrome through an expanding network of educational and learning opportunities at Club 21.

As with SBDSA, Club 21 is a non-profit and will continue to be dependent on fundraising activities, generosity of donors and a pursuit of sponsorships and grants. The Club 21 South Bay Community group will be actively participating in raising funds for the organization so that we can grow and serve all communities with individuals with Down syndrome as well as our community here in the South Bay. The success of the above continues to be dependent upon our active membership, participation and enrollment in all Club 21 activities, both locally in the South Bay and in Pasadena.

We will still be a non-profit, however our 501(c)(3) Tax ID # has changed.  It is now 26-2887301.  Please make a note of this, when considering additional financial support for our organization.

This Community Group moves us from running a separate non-profit and toward a larger organization utilizing liaison support.  Rather than running our own affairs and wasting time holding board meetings and filing paper work, we will have two Co-Leaders who will volunteer for Club 21 to lead our Community Group.  Karen Cull and Roz Mooney have committed themselves to this task.  It is a two-year commitment and then someone else will have this wonderful opportunity.  The Community leaders will organize local playdates, Youth Group, Monday Night Meetings, and the Annual Fiesta.  Having been active in the organization since inception we are excited about this opportunity to continue the great work that has been done in the South Bay over the last 8 years, and we know that as we work together we can continue to benefit all of our local families and our children with Down syndrome.

You might have some questions? FAQ

Join our team!

Without the dedication to inclusive education of Nancy Litteken and  Club 21 in Pasadena, the success of our conference Making Inclusion Better would not have been possible.  We are forming a team to walk at their Walkathon in Central Park Pasadena on October 17. You can join our team and come to Pasadena with us or you can sponsor our our team walking. Please follow this link to our team page and join our team!


Club 21 offers Tools for the Journey

Club 21 is having their annual Tools for the Journey Conference next week (Feb 4th). I have attended Tools for the Journey twice and found it extremely helpful, inspiring, and motivating.  The expertise offered is phenomenal and the support is wonderful.

This year they are offering TWO tracks: school age and early years/

Although registration says its closed I heard you can still register till Monday!

Track 1, Best Practices for Student Success:
Patti McVay has been a principal of a school and a Special Ed Director for a school district. She will be sharing her “Strategies for Student Success”.If your child is in school or you are a teacher and you have asked any of these questions, then you need to come to our Tools for the Journey conference.

  • How can I make an IEP a more effective tool to help my child/student?
  • How can I help build a collaborative team that helps my student/child?
  • What kind of behavior planning needs to happen so that my student/child is successful?
  • How do we build a community of peers for my child/student?
  • Para Educators/ Teachers?  How do they work together as a team?
  • And much, much more!
Track 2, Ready Set Go!  We have three great therapists (an OT, PT and a SLP), a Family support expert, former Regional Center Coordinator, Disability Rights Advocate, and a university professor specializing in early childhood education. Seven people with information you need.  For many of you with children who are nearing transition to Preschool… the information here will be invaluable as you take those important next steps.

Register Today 
Register Online Today:
Members: $77 per person/$125 per couple
Non-members: $125 per person/$200 per couple
Teachers: $50.00Vendor Number: PD2655
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