SBDSA Scholarship Fund

The South Bay Down Syndrome Association (SBDSA) is excited to provide a scholarship fund as we see it as an opportunity to promote inclusion in education and work life for individuals with Down Syndrome throughout our community. Waddell & Reed will continue hosting an annual charity golf tournament to benefit the South Bay Down Syndrome Association.  SBDSA is excited to use the proceeds from this event to begin funding this scholarship.

Applicants for this scholarship will be reviewed annually. The SBDSA Scholarship Fund is for individuals with Down Syndrome who are seeking post high school educational or training opportunities.  To apply, complete the attached form in full.

Scholarship recipient(s) will be selected each year. Applications are due by December 31st of the current calendar year and notification of an award will be provided by March 1st of the following year. For 2017, the recipient(s) will receive awards between $500 and $5000, depending on educational costs, available funds, and the discretion of the SBDSA scholarship committee. Awards are made at the sole discretion of the Board. If no individual(s) is approved, award is added to the principle.

SBDSA-Scholarship-Fund-Rules-Eligibility.pdf published 2016

SBDSA Scholarship Fund Application form

SBDSA Scholarship Fund Recommendation Form

SBDSA Scholarship Fund Application Checklist