Playdates are a core group activity for SBDSA members.  They are an opportunity to mingle, share tribal knowledge, and have a lot of fun doing it in an organized and constructive environment that recruits Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists who volunteer their time on behalf of individuals with Down syndrome.

Playdates are for all ages.  Please come and join in the fun…



SBDSA strives to organize playdates every second month, and has done so successfully since June 2009.  To that end, we have been extremely fortunate to find a home for many of our playdates at Kids In Motion, of Torrance, California, under the direction of Marcie Rhee, DPT, PCS. Dr. Rhee and her staff have been gracious and enthusiastic about Playdates at Kids In Motion, and for that we are forever thankful.

The same can be said for a number of entities, organizations and/or individuals that donate their space, time and/or expertise to SBDSA on behalf of the playdate concept.  All have been amazingly gracious and enthusiastic, and with that in mind, we wanted to acknowledge many of them here, in alphabetical order:

Jessica Baer, CCC SLP
Silke Hamilton, OTR/L, SWC, ATP
Megan Macleod, MPT
Sara Fox, PT
Napa Center
Mobile My Gym
SuperKids – Gymnastics, Dance, Cheer, Yoga & Parties.

If you haven’t had a chance to get to a Playdate, please stop by.  Its a big help to organizers if you can RSVP at the calender.

If you’d like to volunteer your services for a playdate, please click the Contact Us link below.