Our Board of Directors old

SBDSA is led by a Board elected by our members.  Our board members are all volunteers who organize all our events and programs.  If you wish to contact a board member please use their first name, an @ sign, followed by SBDSA.org.  The Board meets on the second Monday of the month.

Here is a little about our current Board of Directors:

President: Kelli Rea Rea

I was born and raised here in the South Bay where my family still lives.  I graduated in 2003 with a B.S. in Business Administration, Accounting from CSULB.  My husband, Kevin, is a Texas native who also graduated in 2003 with a M.S. in Accounting from Trinity University in San Antonio.

I went to work for the financial statement audit division of Deloitte & Touche, LLP directly out of college in the Los Angeles office, where I met my husband.  In early 2007 my husband left the firm to work for a boutique firm, and I left in early 2008 to work for a smaller CPA firm I had interned with during college.  I left my career in accounting in 2011, when our first daughter was 10 months old.  I’ve been the CFO of my household ever since!

In 2013 our second daughter was born with Down syndrome.  And we are expecting our third daughter in July 2016.  Our eldest two daughters both attend pre-school & elementary school in Torrance.

I enjoy volunteering in various organizations, including my kids’ school, church, and really anything I can fit in.  We keep a pretty busy schedule, but really want my children to value giving back, and volunteering, so we make it work!

Executive Vice President: Karin Ferrari

IFerrari was born and raised on Long Island in New York and moved to California with my husband Matthew Ferrari in 2010. I worked for a Transportation Logistics company as an Account Manger & Operations Supervisor before having my daughter who was born with Down Syndrome in 2013. I am currently a stay at home mom to Arianna and expecting a new addition in June 2015! We found out Arianna would be born with Down syndrome in my 20th week of pregnancy. I became involved with the SBDSA when Arianna was only three months old and it has been such an amazing experience to meet so many wonderful families who have helped guide me through this journey. I am excited to be running as Executive Vice President of the SBDSA because I would like to be able to help others who find themselves in the same position either during pregnancy or after birth. This is a wonderful organization and I truly believe the sky’s the limit with what we can offer and do!

Secretary: Xindy Holliday

HolidayI’m a stay at home mom to Royal (T21) and Pearl. And I grew up in the South Bay. Growing up I knew that if I ever had kids I’d want to stay home. I feel so lucky and privileged to be able to live out my dream.
At 17 weeks pregnant we found out about Royal’s diagnosis via amnio. Royal was admitted to the NICU, at Kaiser Sunset for his first 25 days of life. And then three months later he would have two open heart surgeries to correct his heart defect, a complete AV Canal.
On March 21, 2012, I reached out to SBDSA and I’m so happy I did. It was nice to meet other parents of kids who had Ds and listen to them share stories of their day to day life. I love to see our groups grow with every new family that has joined.
Ever since we came home from Children’s Hospital Royal has been healthy and continues to grow, thrive and amaze us with his infinite curiosity and love of learning. Royal started preschool at Launch at the beginning of March.
Pearl was born on April 21st of 2014 and she is not the easy going baby I imagined she would be. Being a parent to a typical developing baby has been eye opening with its own challenges as well. She is however a healthy baby girl and is so loved by us all. I feel like Royal is the best gift I could have given my daughter and I look forward to watching my children grow together. Our family lives in Torrance.

Publicity Vice President: Lisa Concoff KronbeckConkoff Kronbeck

My name is Lisa, and my wife is Mandy. Our daughter, Leah Valerie, is 22 months old, and was born with Down syndrome and long-gap esophageal atresia. Mandy is a community college English professor, and I am Leah’s own personal attendant, nurse, clown, social media director, chauffeur, and in-house counsel. We have enjoyed meeting new friends in SBDSA, and I look forward to the opportunity to broaden awareness about SBDSA and the community and support it provides to families across the South Bay.

Activities Vice President: Carrie Wetsch


I was born and raised here in Manhattan Beach. I moved to Burbank for college where I met my husband, Brian Wetsch, and lived there for 15 years before moving back down when we got pregnant with our son Tyler who was born in February of 2007.

I worked in the commercial interior architecture field for 12 years before being laid off in 2009 and taking on my role as stay at home mother for our son. With the help of a wonderfully supportive and close family, I have been able to be involved with some amazing organizations, primarily SBDSA, where I currently act as Vice President of Membership.

I have met some amazing families through this journey and this organization and will forever be grateful.

Information Technology Vice President: Brian Wetsch

Membership Vice President: Roz Mooney

rozowenI am a 1985 graduate of The University of Iowa with a B.B.A. in Marketing. Originally from the Chicago area, I moved to Redondo Beach in 1991 and that has been my home ever since.

For 15 years I worked for a computer wholesale distributor working in numerous capacities in Sales and Operations from Inside/Outside Sales Representative to Vice President of Sales as well as Strategic Operations.  Following, I have spent my time in consulting leadership/management roles in the computer industry as well as the wholesale sportswear industry and real estate training and education.

I have volunteered in the PTA and PTSA organizations at my sons’ Elementary and Middle Schools for the past 7 years, both in committee positions as well as Board positions as Membership VP and Financial Secretary at the Elementary School and Treasurer at the Middle School.

I have a 14 year old son graduating Middle School and a 9 year old son with Down Syndrome attending Elementary School.

Social Action/Community Outreach Vice President: Bronwyn Shields Bronwyn

I was born and raised in Santa Monica and Venice and moved to the South Bay in 2001.   I work in the film industry as a Visual Effects Editor and am member of the Editors Guild, Local 700.  I also stay at home between film projects to be a mom.

I am the mother of three beautiful and amazing children.  Our first child, Samuel, was born and passed away in February of 2008 as an infant.  Our second son, Ryder (T21) was born in January of 2009 and is an Irish twin to Samuel.  He was diagnosed at birth and has no health complications. He is currently in his last year of preschool.  Our daughter, Violet, was born in March of 2012 and is a whirlwind of precocious toddler.  My husband and I have been together for nearly 18 years; married for 10 of them.

I have attended multiple training courses to act as a first contact resource for new parents.  I also have attended multiple conferences and trainings for IFSPs and IEP’s and have some knowledge of the processes.  I have family in the medical profession, specifically in OB/GYN and High Risk Pregnancy, and I have personal knowledge and resources in that field.  Because of my personal story and family background, I am able to speak comfortable with new families about the diagnosis of Trisomy 21, what it means both in medical and practical terms and how to understand the grief that is often associated with it.   I am a strong negotiator for my son and am happy to share my knowledge.

South Bay Down Syndrome Association and the families that make up the organization are my bedrock.  I cannot imagine making this journey without them and their love and support.  I am honored to be able to pay that support forward by serving on the board.

Social Action/Community Outreach Vice President: Maynor Tecun

Youth Activities Vice President: Kathy Troeger.


Kathy Troeger is originally from New York, graduating from Buffalo State College with her degree in Nutrition and Food Systems management.  She packed it all up and moved to Los Angeles (as all New Yorkers dream of doing!) where she decided this was her home. She returned to school and completed her Associates in both Radiology/ultrasonography.

Running the X-ray dept. on Catalina Island, she met her husband, Steve, a paramedic captain with the Baywatch.  They had two daughters and thought their family was complete. Lo and behold, they were blessed with  a third daughter, Kirra, who was born with Down Syndrome. Currently, they have relocated to Manhattan Beach, where their little family continues to grow and flourish.

Ways and Means Vice President: Nori Dempsey

DempseysMy name is Nori Dempsey and I am a native of Southern California.  My husband and I have three children, each 16.5 months apart! The first 5 years of motherhood was a blur. As a stay at home mom, I have been enjoying the kids growing up. My oldest, Sean, is in 3rd grade and Holly and Patrick are both in 1st grade. Holly is 8 years old and took a little extra time in preschool and DK, while Patrick, is 6 years old and started Kindergarten at 5 years old.  For the most part, I feel like I have triplets!

I have been involved with SBDSA from the time we met casually at Panera Bread.  I am thankful for all the families I have met through SBDSA and the mission of our organization. I served as Youth Activities Vice President. Currently I am working on our fundraising projects, to secure the future of SBDSA as a growing organization.

Past President & Historian: Karen Ford Cull


I have been involved in SBDSA since its inception. As a parent of a child with DS, my greatest support has come from other parents sharing knowledge and experience, which is the essence of SBDSA.  I moved from Britain to the South Bay in 2005, when my husband Nick got a chair at USC. I have three boys, Alexander is 11, Magnus (T21) is 9 and Oliver aged 4.  I studied at Oxford University (1989) and at University College London (1990) and in 1995 completed a PHD at the University of Manchester. I was a lecturer in Political Philosophy and History of Ideas. I had a great opportunity to teach in the emerging democracies in Eastern Europe with the Civic Education Project. I haven’t worked since my children were born, being happy to focus on my children. Since moving to California, I have become passionately interested in my new home; its huge diversity of people, its history and its nature life. I am looking forward to becoming a citizen.

Treasurer: David Socol

Currently also Medical Vice President.