Reading Programs for Children with Down Syndrome

Studies have shown that children with Down syndrome CAN learn to read at an early ageAND that reading can become strength in their learning [Read more…]

What is an IFSP or IPP?

You will meet with your Regional Centre counsellor to make a plan for services. This is called an IFSP or IPP. Here is a useful guide from Disability Rights, state appointed advocates.

One Year Down This Path – A Fathers Perspective On Down Syndrome

I enjoyed this video very much!

“One year ago – On December 16th, 2010 my daughter Bethany was born into this world. To our surprise, she arrived with “something extra” that our family was not expecting. That something extra was attached to her DNA, and most of us know it as – Down Syndrome. This is my birthday gift to her – as I truly feel like my family “won the lottery” – because of her.”