Spotlight on…Co-occuring Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders by Jennifer Brownell

In January of 2007, our son Noah was born 3 months prematurely and diagnosed after birth with Down syndrome.  December 5, 2012 our lives were forever changed.  That was the day we were officially given an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis for Noah who was almost six at the time. [Read more…]

Tim’s Place

Tim’s Place restaurant takes unique approach thanks to special owner.

Films about Down Syndrome

Included vs. Integral

The difference between being included in a classroom and being integral to the classroom.

Getting to Integral

If you are included in my class, it means your name is on my class roster.  Included means I have a hook in the closet labeled with your name.  Included means every day a chair will be reserved for you to fill.  Included means you eat your lunch at the time designated for our class to eat it and you sit with your classmates.  Included means everyone in class knows who you are and acknowledges that you all share me as your teacher.

Integral is not included.

If you are integral to my class, it means you bring something to my class that no one else can bring.  Integral means everyone in the room notices when you’re gone because everyone in the room is affected when you’re gone.  Integral means the flow of our daily class schedule is disrupted when you are not present.  Integral means that groups have to be restructured, daily events must be modified, and the classroom experience of every child is impacted if you don’t show up to fill your place in our class.

One Year Down This Path – A Fathers Perspective On Down Syndrome

I enjoyed this video very much!

“One year ago – On December 16th, 2010 my daughter Bethany was born into this world. To our surprise, she arrived with “something extra” that our family was not expecting. That something extra was attached to her DNA, and most of us know it as – Down Syndrome. This is my birthday gift to her – as I truly feel like my family “won the lottery” – because of her.”

Down Syndrome Awareness – Maddox Lucille

This video is designed bring about awareness and teach others about the hopes and dreams of those with Down syndrome as well as combat the use of old school words such as retarded. For more of Maddox’s stories, please check out

The Love Chromosome

Check out Julie and her brother.  If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

Ultimate Sportsmanship

A football team with a player with Down syndrome scores a touchdown!


Our Time to Shine

Our Time to Shine is an adaptive dance program specifically tailored to the needs of Children with Down syndrome. This special program uses dance to enhance their intellectual development to master the steps, movement, coordination, fitness, balance, focus and listening – all indispensable life skills.

Ages are for 7 – 16 yr olds.

Class schedule and tuition information can be found at

I’m Down With You

I’m Down with You will take you on an inspired journey with the people of the Down syndrome community. With the gift of an extra chromosome, they are in fact not disabled but abled with the ability to love without hierarchy, have strong self-esteem and impact everyone they touch with an uplifting spirit found too rarely in our world these days. I’m Down with You features over 100 portraits of individuals ,families and friends as well as essays by Betsy Goodwin, NDSS Founder; Sharon Stone, Actor and Activist; Anthony Shriver, CEO and Founder of Best Buddies; John McGinley, Actor and National Spokesperson for Buddy Walk; and Jagatjoti Khalsa, photographer and creator of I’m Down with You.

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