Person Centered Planning


Bruce Harrell from the Los Angeles Office of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities recently came to one of our Monday Night Meetings to review and explain the specifics of Person-Centered Planning, primarily as it pertains to the Regional Center’s upcoming Self Determination program.

Listen to Bruce’s Training here. [Read more…]

From PTN: info on the Affordable Care Act and how it effects us…

A FREE insurance informational meeting on Tuesday, October 29th
6pm in the PTN Conference Center. [Read more…]


Here’s some informative links on Special Needs Trusts.

Special Needs: Planning for the Future

Letter of Intent Form: An 88 Item Checklist Showing Parents
How to Communicate their Wishes and Knowledge about their Son or Daughter with a Disability
to Future Caregivers

Academy of Special Needs Planners: Memorandum of Intent

Why you might have to give back Grandma’s gift this year