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I’m Down With You

I’m Down with You will take you on an inspired journey with the people of the Down syndrome community. With the gift of an extra chromosome, they are in fact not disabled but abled with the ability to love without hierarchy, have strong self-esteem and impact everyone they touch with an uplifting spirit found too rarely in our world these days. I’m Down with You features over 100 portraits of individuals ,families and friends as well as essays by Betsy Goodwin, NDSS Founder; Sharon Stone, Actor and Activist; Anthony Shriver, CEO and Founder of Best Buddies; John McGinley, Actor and National Spokesperson for Buddy Walk; and Jagatjoti Khalsa, photographer and creator of I’m Down with You.

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A Drug for Down Syndrome

Great article of a doctor’s quest to find a drug to change the way his daughter lives.

A Drug for Down Syndrome

Beach Playdate Saturday

Last year’s beach day was such a hit that we are going to do it again and really celebrate summer! The theme is “Easy Summer Days!”

I hope you can join us at Longfellow St on the beach (near the border of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach) for a sand-filled and hopefully sun-filled Sunday morning! There is a swing set at the strand and those that would like, can make their way down further to the water. We are going to keep it informal and unstructured and all can come and go as you please. We will “start” at 10am and hang out until at least noon. A couple therapists MIGHT attend but with summer schedules as they are it is up in the air.

Details here