South Bay Down Syndrome Association (“SBDSA”) came together in 2007 based on a geographic need for families in the South Bay to have easy access to fellowship and information that could impact the well-being of families and individuals with Down syndrome, or Trisomy 21.

Since then, we have grown into a strong social network of parents dedicated to pursuing the interests of their children and young adults with Down syndrome, and a resource of collective experience that can assist parents as they learn about and navigate the world of Special Needs in Southern California.

SBDSA continues to grow and we invite you to join us and discover the rich community of parents, children and young adults that are defining the new face of Down syndrome in the South Bay.

A Side Note…

Southern California is rich in resources for individuals with Down syndrome. Our intent at SBDSA is to leverage our collective expertise, knowledge and experience to the benefit of our children and families in the South Bay, but we cannot do that alone.  To that end, we strongly encourage you to become familiar with the remarkable resources available on our Organizations page.

About Our Logo

The concept behind SBDSA’s logo is the work of Cynthia Hight, at Hight Design. The logo is divided into an upper and a lower segment by a curved line running through the center, in recognition of the balance that we seek in the lives of individuals with Trisomy 21. The sandy orange beach and wave is representative of the South Bay, while the 21 rays of the sunburst above represents the 21st chromosome.

Ms. Hight donated her time to develop the SBDSA logo, and for that, we are all extremely grateful. You can see some of her other work at hightdesign.com or contact her at 503-349-4488.

About Our Web Host

SBDSA would be remiss if it did not extend its thanks and gratitude to Inmotion Hosting for sponsoring this website. They have proven to be a very reliable provider and a concerned host for this website, with invaluable tech support. Check them out at Inmotion Hosting.

Printing and Graphics

We also couldn’t do the things we do without the support from Brian Herbst from MediaFive Design.

Other supporters of SBDSA

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