What is Self Determination?

Bruce Harrell from Area Board 10 came to our SBDSA Monday Night Meeting to tell us about Self Determination. Many of us immediately saw the great potential in this new plan for Regional Center clients, putting families in control of how the money is spent. With Bruce’s kind permission we taped the session and you can listen to it as an Mp3.  

 The power point slides are also posted here in single pages and a printable version (6 per page) here.Self-Determination Handout for printing

Thank you to Mychal’s Learning Place for hosting the meeting.

Other useful information that you might need in relation to Bruce’s presentation are:

The legislation SB 468 signed by Governor Jerry Brown in October 2013.  Senate Bill 468

Disabilities Rights has put together a useful guide .

Also mentioned in the presentation:

Manual for Person Centered Planning

The Center For Self Determination


  1. Bronwyn Shields says:

    Here is a good resource for Person Centered Planning


  2. Susan Hadeishi says:

    Thank you Karen! Thank you or taking the time to explain and post this. It is very helpful! I have been too busy to figure this out. But now I understand a bit more thanks to you 🙂 You’re a great President!!! I mean it!


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